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Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and Knights

In the beginning everyone was nice. But over time, so slowly that no one could say when, or how, or why it started, the Fairies and the Ponies got…mean. Beatrice knew this because, although she couldn’t prove it yet, she knew that the Fairies and Ponies had stolen her egg. And stealing a dragon’s egg, in Beatrice’s opinion, was going too far. But to confront them she would need the help of a Knight.… Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and Knights – Episode 1 – The Egg.

Episode 15 – illustration by special guest artist Shirley Reid! To see Shirley’s final illustration – click here!

Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and Knights is an episodic podcast with live Zoom performances for humans of all ages! Each episode is performed live on Zoom and will feature a special guest artist whose illustration will come to life during the performance. Kids and adults are encouraged to make their own artwork, or color our guest artist’s coloring pages. Stay for the post show chat where you can share your artwork and talk about the show! Following the live performance each episode will be released as podcast and can be found on your favorite podcast player.


Season 1 is all finished! Thank you so much for watching and listening! We are working hard to bring you Season 2, and we hope to have new episodes by January or February of 2022.

If you’re enjoying FADPAK you can help support the show! Please write a review on your podcasting app, donate to Dirt Road Theater (click here), or shop from our store. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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Artwork by Special Guest Artists


Episode 1: The Egg: To download the coloring page for Colin Bright’s illustration CLICK HERE

Episode 2: Team Up: To download the coloring page for Cathy Steven Pratt’s illustration CLICK HERE

Episode 3: Durga, City of the Knights: To download the coloring page for Cathy’s illustration for Episode Three: Durga, City of the Knights CLICK HERE

Episode 4 – Dragon Games: To download the coloring page for Nakima Ollin’s illustration – CLICK HERE

Episode 5 – The Slide: To download the coloring page for Erin’s illustration for Episode 5 – The Slide CLICK HERE

Episode 6 – Judgements: To download the coloring page for Tossy Garrett’s illustration for Episode 6 – Judgments CLICK HERE

Episode 7: Goodbyes and Beginnings: To download the coloring pages for Aly Perry’s paper theater playspace CLICK HERE

Episode 8: The Adventure Begins: To download Sara Hopkins’ coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 9: The Raft: To download Chase Allen’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 10: Ponies: To download Erin Davis’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 11 – Waterfalls: To download Ellen Kucera’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 12 – Myntini: To download Colin Bright’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 13 – Fairies: To download Daniel Pertierra’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 14 – Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and a Knight in Training: To download Sara Hopkin’s coloring page CLICK HERE

Episode 15 – Stronger Together (Season Finale!) To download Shirley Reid’s coloring page CLICK HERE


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STICKERS, WALL PRINTS, HATS, T-SHIRTS, BACKPACKS! FOR KIDS AND ADULTS! Would you like a FADPAK product featuring your own artwork? Let us know! Email us at




Performed by Maren Langdon Spillane
Written by Dominic and Maren Langdon Spillane
Original Music and Scoring by Nathan Leigh
Story by Gracelyn, Oliver, and Dominic Spillane