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Spring Break Shakes – Twelfth Night! – Cancelled

Unfortunately this camp has been cancelled. However, we hope to bring this camp back as soon as possible! If you’re interested, please let us know by filling out the form below. Thank you!

Spring Break Shakespeare Camp: Twelfth Night! (ages 11-18)

Come explore the marvelous world of Shakespeare with DRT’s first-ever Spring Break Shakes! This year, we will be performing the comedy Twelfth Night, a play bursting with heart, hilarity, and hijinks. Throughout our week together, we will dig into Shakespeare’s story and explore how to bring it to life through rich character development, a study of the language, and an emphasis on collaboration and communication. Our final production will be organized to showcase the actors and the story, and while it will be fully staged in the Grange Hall theater, we will be heavily focusing on the process of making the story real and of creating the world itself, rather than spending time on production elements. This camp will be rigorous and fast-paced, and is intended for those with previous acting experience – though a background in Shakespeare is not necessary!  Please note: this camp will require two additional 2-hour sessions prior to the start of camp, that will be scheduled throughout March based on the actors’ availability. The Grange Hall Cultural Center requires all program attendees and audience members to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. All Campers and instructors will be masked at all times, and actors will wear clear masks during performance. Audience will be limited in size and masks will be required. Directed by Maren Langdon Spillane

Why Shakespeare? 

While it’s true that Shakespeare’s language can be a mouthful, the process of making it your own as an actor is one of the most joyful there is! Shakespeare is funny, he is weird, he is dark, and most magically of all, he’s surprisingly relevant to us in our own messy human lives today. As an actor and a teacher of Shakespeare, I have often found his clear, fully-realized characters and storylines almost simpler to act than more modern ones.

Why Twelfth Night?

Like many of Shakespeare’s comedies, Twelfth Night is a complicated mixture of levity and depth, darkness and humor. Love, in all of its humorous and poignant forms, is woven throughout the storyline, and the characters- some earnest, some ridiculous, some mysterious- are a really passionate and complicated bunch and a fun challenge for the actors who portray them. In addition, Twelfth Night explores gender identity and the various ways that characters are able to free themselves (or attempt to free themselves) from the restrictive boundaries of gendered norms. 

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What about Covid?

We will be doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our actors and audience members! Actors will be masked throughout the whole process, transitioning to clear masks for the performance. Audience will be limited in size to allow for spacing between pods, and masks will be required. The Grange Hall Cultural Center requires all program attendees and audience members to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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